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The Personal Alarm Saving Millions of Lives

The #1 RATED personal alarm in the USA. This tiny device is packed with a super loud alarm to deter attackers and keep you and your family safe from harm. Widely considered as the best self-defense product for men and women of all ages.

Everyone Should Carry This Device At All Times



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Reasons You Will Love Scream Safe Alarm

The #1 Brand Trusted By The Police

It’s important to have a dependable and effective personal alarm. That’s why law enforcement officers across the USA have been urging families to carry a Self Defense Siren and step up their personal protection.

Deter Attackers In Dangerous Situations

You never know when the moment will present itself. Don't be unprepared. It’s small but extremely loud(130db) that will guarantee to deter attackers, allowing you to get away safely.

Deter Attackers In Dangerous Situations

The piercingly loud alarm can capture someone’s attention from up to 1000ft away. Many self defense classes recommend a personal alarm that you can trigger when you need help.

Easy To Use

The Scream Safe is perfectly designed to be portable and easy to carry. And the best part, it requires no training or skill to operate, and can be used by anyone regardless of age or physical ability.

Instant Access Could Make All the Difference

Every Scream Safe device comes with a FREE carabiner clip that you can easily attach to easy-reach-locations like your bag, purse, belt loop, and more. It’s not a traditional keychain with inconvenient rings.

Bring Safety Wherever You go

Unlike pepper sprays or knives, the Scream Safe can go anywhere where other self defense weapons cannot. They’re also legal in every state, unlike other personal defense items.

Deter Attackers With An Extremely Loud Alarm

The Scream Safe device produces an ear-piercing sound (130db) that will surely disorient and scare off potential threats. It has been proven to deter more attackers vs. pepper sprays and tasers.

Trusted By Thousands of Families

Scream Safe strives for being the premium choice when it comes to Emergency/Rescue/Survival Alarms. That's why hundreds of thousands choose Scream Safe for their personal protection upgrade.




Got this for my young adult daughter. Was concerned that when she works late hours and walks alone to the parking lot to her car. You never know if someone is hiding in the wings waiting to do harm.



Bought it for the convenience. It’s easy to use and light weight. Just pull the tab and the siren goes off with the light attached starts to flash.



Smooth and silky, it’s like I’ve changed the sheets daily. They are cool and crisp and make me look forward to a great nights sleep every night! I’ll definitely be buying another set!



Bought two, one for my self and one for collage granddaughter. So far haven't had to use it, so I can't rate the noise level but I'm sure it would be as loud as they advertise.



The emergency alert siren is easy to use and very easy to carry. Ordered 6 of them to give away as gifts.



Purchased as gifts for family members who work night shifts. The siren and bright light are a great safety item



ScreamSafe is a great product! I bought two: one for each of my nieces who are out and about! Easy to use. Gets everyone’s attention with the loud sound!



I purchased 3, one or my daughter,my granddaughter and myself. I am very pleased they make you feel safe.

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