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Boba Jelly Mask - The All In One Celebrity Facial

Boba Jelly Mask - The All In One Celebrity Facial

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The viral Boba Jelly Mask is all the rage in 2022 among celebrities! 

Give your face the freshness and feel of having just been at a high end Spa. 

Our multi-action Boba Jelly Mask treatment with the power to dramatically improve the appearance of your skin. Equipped with a variety of "flavors" to choose from, The All-In-One Facial is designed to fight all of the most common skin concerns with innovative technology. By removing impurities, the skin is reinvigorated to look more firm and lifted, smoother and evenly toned, for a visibly refined appearance. Take your skin game to the next level and get that radiantly youthful glow you've been dreaming about. 

What makes it so special:

Our proprietary technology tightens the skin while removing impurities and results in a refreshingly youthful look. Skin looks lifted, firmer, smoother and evenly toned. 

The Boba Jelly Masks are made in our high quality labs that develop specific formulations for different skin problems. We don't test on animals and all our ingredients are vegan friendly. 

How Long Does Each Packet Last?

Each packet lasts approximately one month, 30-35 uses. 

Is It Vegan Friendly?

All our Boba Face Masks are vegan friendly and NOT tested on animals. They are made in a CGMP laboratory in the United States.

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